Writing About the Prize in a Cracker Jack Box

The time is 11:52 PM, now 53 and June 1st is closing in. There’s no rush, or deadline, but the looming shift from the end of one month and moving forward into the next is daunting. Which is why I’m watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s on LOGO.  What better a distraction than Holly Golightly and Paul Varjak. Prior to the commercial break they were leaning on a jewelry counter in Tiffany’s searching for an item that might be priced at $10 or less. The idea of purchasing a sterling silver telephone dialer ($6.75), obsolete in most households today, is boring, and not quite romantic. “You do understand, don’t you?”  Instead, Paul takes out a cheap, yet charming object, a ring that came in a Cracker Jack Box.

Watching this scene got me thinking about objects, things; I like the story of things and how the come to us. The aquamarine ring was given to me by my grandparents in the fourth grade. I still wear it, although I don’t think I could remove it if I wanted to. But I like the idea that I can look at it carefully, tell the story of this ring. Consider writing a story or essay about an object and how it came to be owned. There is something about the inanimate-human relationship that is worth sharing. It is 12:12 AM and it is June 1st. I am still watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Look around from where you are sitting and select an object that means something to you. Write its story.

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