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Reading Life: The Frozen Deep by Wilkie Collins

Hesperus Classics Edition, 2012, £6.99. Originally published in 1874. In a nutshell: Frank Aldersley and Richard Wardour are in love with the same woman, Clara Burnham. Clara’s heart belongs to Frank, but Richard is convinced that Clara belongs to him. Through Clara’s ‘gift’ of second-sight, she foresees a horrible event that will take place between these … Continue reading


Thrilling Women Writers: Dark Places; Shirley

My summer reading has been quite exciting this summer. After reading Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl I immediately picked up Dark Places, which was also adapted for the screen starring Christina Hendricks. Dark Places is an intense novel about a young woman named Libby Day who is the sole survivor of slaughter. During what I deem a home invasion scenario, … Continue reading