On Being Thirsty

It isn’t just the constant need to drink water, tepid or ice-cold, a sometimes quick swallow, the consecutive gulps to relieve the undeniable dryness calling out between layers of flesh, buried in countless cells. Even the vessel held at the temple or neck provides a sense of relief; the damping shock, or simple connection between water and the body.

Imagine a landscape, a quiet place where you can rest. Somehow even the most jagged rocks give comfort. Is your surrounding a desert or forest? Do you find yourself near a body of water–the need to place palm to surface, skim slow, fingers pushing off like a water bug in a creek. Consider what it is you really need, what you are thirsty for. Reach for a favorite glass or cup, maybe something you’ve kept from childhood. It does not magically appear, it is available to you in this landscape. Do not over think, touch the water, drink. Allow yourself to float, drift across the water becoming the raft you have needed to allow yourself to get somewhere. In this place there is infinite time to reach your destination. Do not rush.


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