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From the Archive: Spin Magazine, Volume One Number Nine, January 1986


SPIN Complete Covers Gallery. SPIN Magazine.

Cover story #1: Debbie Harry Exclusive Interview

Cover story #2: The 10th Anniversary of Punk

Favorite advert #1: “Hot Bodies Need Hot Cassettes.”  Copyright 1985 TDK Electronics Corp.

In Flash edited by Scott Cohen and Glenn O’Brien: “Chuck Chill-Out and Red Alert sound like a new ground-meat dish and an imminent disaster.” “Mothers of Prevention”; “Yakety Yak”; “Tetes Noires is French for blackheads.” NOTE TO SELF: Zappa magnet on fridge from Kristi still relevant in 2017.

Unpaged: How to subscribe to SPIN. Fill out coupon. Send money.

Unpaged following “Mojo Nixon is working”: A Chorus Line, The Movie. Opens Friday, December 20th at a Theatre Near You.

Unpaged: Donny the Punk continues with “How to dance, part three” with Doggy Style.

Page 18: “World Beat” by Roger Steffens: “Harold Ramis’s new film Club Paradise in which [Jimmy] Cliff co-stars with Robin Williams and Peter O’Toole, opens at the end of March. Meantime, “Bongo Man,” his second film, has just been released on videocassette.”

Favorite advert #2: “How to write with style” by Kurt Vonnegut. International Paper Company. “We believe in the power of the printed word.”  Copyright 1985 International Paper Company. NOTE TO SELF: Read and re-read this advert with a great deal of attention!

Pp. 22- “Tuesday’s Child: Aimee Mann’s adventures in the glamourous life.” Article by Erica Bettina Wexler. MEMORY: I wanted to stand in the middle of a crowded theater with a rich boyfriend and scream.

Pp.27- “Spins,” edited by Rudy Langlais and Richard Gehr. Includes Kate Bush, Simple Minds, Billie Holiday, Simply Red, Ruben Blades y Seis del Solar, Gram Parsons’ International Submarine Band, Teddy Pendergrass, The Residents, Jon Butcher Axis, Sade, Christian Marclay, Madness.

Pp. 34- “Singles,” column by John Leland. My personal highlights from this column: I heart LL Cool J (sigh!). “Sideswipes”: The Smiths, Beastie Boys, Love and Rockets, Run-D.M.C.

Pp. 36- “Underground,” column by Andrea ‘Enthal.

Pp. 38- “Der Kommissar: What everyone should know about Boris Becker before he becomes tennis’s No. 1.” Article by Angela Gaudioso. Caption of Note: “In West Germany, tennis’s Golden Boy is so loved that he can’t walk the streets, and sometimes resented: an anti-Boris fan club already has 148 members.”

“Debbie’s Back”

“Debbie Harry and Chris Stein talk about Blondie, wrestling, disease, record rating, show biz, fear, and fantasy.”

Interview by Glenn O’Brien        Photography by David Michael Kennedy

[I still worship Debbie Harry. Sexy, so self-assured, a voice like no other.]

Pp. 50- “Punk,” article by Legs McNeil. “Punk rock is 10 years old. If it was a kid it would be in the fourth grade. We sent one of its founding fathers to find out what kind of kid it is. He found it’s a hardcore generation.”          Pull-quote: “It really burns me up to see malcontents with purple hair and grungy black clothes slouch around acting superior.”

Favorite advert #3: “Look who’s in the club now! Columbia Record & Tape Club Now Offers New Members ANY 11 RECORDS OR TAPES 1 CENT plus shipping/handling if you join the Club now and agree to buy 8 more selections (at regular Club prices) in the coming 3 years.”

[“I am enclosing my check or  money order for $1.86”]

NOTE: all applications are subject to review and Columbia House reserves the right to reject any application.”

Pg. 61: “CBGB’s Sign of the Times,” article by Joanna Lisanti and Annette Stark.

Pg. 63-65: “Great Moments in The History of Punk,” copyright 1985, John Holmstrom. [comic strip]

Pp. 67- “Where have all the punks gone?” article by Scott Chrome and Punky Egbert

Pg. 70: “State of the Art: Everything about cassette tape: from chrome to metal, from low to high bias,” column by Brad Baker and Edward Rasen.

Favorite advert #4: “Boom boxes need sophisticated tape, too.” Maxell, the tape for sophisticated equipment. Dolby is a trademark of Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation copyright 1985 Maxell Corporation of America, 60 Oxford Drive, Moonachie, N.J. 07074.

Pp. 72- “Asleep at the Wheel,” article by Sue Cummings, photography by Neil Zlozower. NOTE TO SELF: I never did like Motley Crue.

Pp. 75- “Egbert & Cisco at the Videos: moving images.”       Pull-quote: “The Clash were like populist punks–the Springsteens of punk.”

Pg. 82: “Tipper Gore’s Diary,” article by Jamie Malanowski. Favorite quote: “We started off banning just “Good Golly, Miss Molly,” “Tutti Frutti,” and “Long Tall Sally” by Little Richard, but then we figured, the heck with it, let’s ban everything he did.” MEMORY: Watching clips of Frank Zappa on the six o’clock evening news with Dan Rather, deliver his opinion to Congress on the PMRC. 

Final advert, inside back cover: “Only the Music Tells Me Where to Go. I’m a Pioneer and I’m Proud of it.” Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. For your nearest dealer call (800) 447-4700.  QUESTION: Are you a first?




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