Counting / Experimental / Letter L / Sleep


Untitled by Mike Linksvayer

“Untitled.” Mike Linksvayer. Taken May, 11, 2011. Flickr.

The bend at the elbow                                              not on the el train

twelfth l-etter                        not before k, but after it. Now,                   to chase—    lap

after lap           after   [breathe]     lap . . . lie. . . love . . lie. lie. . . [breathe> > >  count to fifty


second shell is the L-shell with I-don’t-know-how-many-electrons, but to say, the “second shell is the L-shell” a curious thing. L-shaped things: door hooks               fan blades   mint green chalk painted dining room chair                           Charlie Chaplin’s left leg on the cover of Comic Capers, Series 1 

L l is a    lull                                     [L=50; the number of pennies in a half dollar]


lull          [your eyes are getting heavy now]


la- [and heavier]

la- la-



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