Book Reviews

I wrote the following reviews while founding editor and publisher of Ballard Street Poetry Journal.

City of Insomnia. Victor D. Infante. 2008 Write Bloody Publishing. Nashville, TN.

Hills Alive, a collection of sound poems. R. Joyce Heon. 2008 Persnickety Press. Lunenberg, MA.

Into the River Somewhere. Mark Jackley. 2007. Finishing Line Press. Georgetown, KY

Domestic Interiors. Stephanie Brown. 2008. University of Pittsburgh Press. Pittsburgh, PA.


Forthcoming: “The Falling Man.” Bennington Review.

“A Trip to Skull Island with the Circus Animals.” Gravel. 2016.

“The Impenetrable Wood: Gender Identity in Elizabeth Bishop’s “The Moose””.  Parlour: A Journal of Literary Criticism and Analysis. June 26th, 2016.

“Sleeping in Airports.” Concourse, Arts & Scholarly Journal, Volume 1, Plurality Press. 2017.

“Town Talk and Plain Wrappers: Psychosexual Anxiety at Road’s End.” The Worcester Review, Volume XXXVIII, Number 1 & 2, 2017.


“Osculation” and “The Sunbather.” Epizootics! 2017.

“The book I lost in my divorce” and “For Diane on Her 60th Birthday.” Pomona Valley Review #11, 2017.

“Crossing the Street Like a Mother-Fucker.” great weather for MEDIA anthology, 2017.

“Such January Mud.” Blueline, Spring 2017.

“Winter Bees.” The Heron Tree, July 17, 2016.

“Sestina Lot #41994” and “The Ellen Jamesian is a Mermaid.” Radius Lit, Spring 2016. “Sestina Lot #41994” nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

“Double Fantasy, 1980,” “Elegy for a Honky-Tonk Girl.” Bond Street Review, Summer 2016.

“Milepost 350, 2:33 AM.” Niche Lit Magazine, September/October 2016. Also available: interview and vocal recording of poem.

“Homeless,”  Atomic, a journal of short poetry.  Inaugural Issue, July 2015.

“Rebel Romance, p.701,” “The New American Style, p.,” and On the fly, p.736.” text magazine, Issue Four, June 2015.

“Girl with Portfolio.” CLARE Literary Magazine, Vol. 13, Winter 2013.

“Elegy for the Man on the No.3 Bus.” Weave, Winter 2013.

“CashSux & CarryGunz.”  The Broken Plate, Spring 2013.

“The Tappan Zee.” Two Hawks Quarterly, 2013.

“Mouth Open Wide & Screaming.” Spillway, #18, June 2012.

“My sister, age 4.” The Mas Tequila Review.

“Leaving Spencer on 31 North.” Blueline.

“The Eel.” OVS, Spring 2012.

“The Master of Secrets.” The November 3rd Club, 2009. (Journal closed, but archived.)

“Age of Bronze.” Pearl.

“How Can a Pretty Thing Lie.” Third Wednesday.

“Your Marriage Once Walked a Rocky Shore. Nerve Cowboy.

3 Poems. Driftwood Review. (Journal now defunct.)

“Pepe with the Pipe.” Orange Room Review, Issue Five, April 2007. (Journal now closed, but archived.)

“Residue.” Wicked Alice. Also included in the print annual, 2006. (Out of print; online archives in process.)


Short Stories

“Ray Against the World.” Beginnings. Summer 2003.

“When Sunshine is the Place You Find Yourself.” Rougarou, University of Louisiana. Spring/Fall 2013, Vol. 9, Issue 1.

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